Film & Television Rights / Music Placements

With continual declining record sales and low royalty rates for online uses, film and television licensing (synchronization rights) has become the most promising source of revenue for traditional music publishers. Often, the licensing of these synchronization rights can be dizzying for companies and individuals who are unfamiliar with the steps involved in that process. Using decades of experience in the music industry, this is where Sindee Levin Music (SLM) excels and has learned to navigate through these difficult channels for your benefit. Utilizing long-standing business relationships in both foreign and domestic markets, SLM will streamline the licensing process, bringing royalties to you as quickly as possible.

Independent Music Administration

The uses of music are constantly expanding and changing. Therefore, SLM is proud to provide a full-service administration to music publishers, including but not limited to: mechanical licenses (physical, digital and online-streaming), print licenses, foreign and domestic royalty collection, and of course, synchronization licenses.

SLM has long-practiced personalized attention to its clients; a service that is unique to the music industry that is often saturated with automated answering machines and emails. In addition, that flexibility also extends to its fee structures. SLM can take over administration for varying term lengths and geographic scope. Please contact us today for more information.

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